We now have a rarely used and in excellent condition 2017 Cougar Expandable 32 foot camper that is now on the property close to the house (not on beach side) and does not impact parking. It sleeps 6 adults or 4 adults 4 kids. But very comfortable 6 adults. 2 separate A/C units, hot shower, kitchen, 2 TV’s, WIFI from the house.

We our offering this camper to our guests that may want to use it or that have out of town guests that may want this as an option instead of them paying $250-$500 for 2 adults a night in an Islamorada hotel for 1 ROOM. This camper will never be rented to others outside of the party renting the house.


$250 a night X 7 nights or $1,750
$320 a night X 4 days or $1,280
$400 a night X 3 days or $1,200
$500 a night for 2 days or $1,100
There is a $150 cleaning fee.

The RV has a limited “black water” tank. If the RV is flushed more than 40 times during the week, the tank will fill (smell and other possible damage) so, please use the cabana bathroom 10 feet away when possible. The house deposit covers any RV damage.

This camper is in excellent shape and a great way to save you or your guests a lot of money and everyone can be together.

Please total your days + cleaning fee and send check to:

Victor Owoc
11945 SW 15th Ct
Davie, FL 33325

*Islamorada Beach House (Ocean Oasis) only rents this for a full week (or takes it off the market for a full week) to comply with Monroe County regulations*

Optional Cougar Camper